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Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions? Have a look at our frequently asked questions below. Don’t worry if you don’t see your question here – get in touch with our team and we’ll endeavour to answer your question as soon as possible.

Insurances are there to protect against misfortune, to varying degrees. So whatever you think about happening, you might want to insure against it happening. Normal insurances cover day to day living such as; medical insurance, personal accident insurance, sickness insurance, life insurance, as well as personal possessions insurance and travel insurance when required.

Medical Insurance exists to cover any medical bills you incur wherever you are in the world even in the United States, our clients can enjoy this level of cover.

Accident Insurance is what it says on the tin. Your Medical Insurance will cover your bills, but what about your income if you have that accident? Our clients choose from a range of options starting at 16 weeks of cover with just 7 days of waiting until the Insurance begins paying, to 104 weeks with 28 days of waiting. The options also cover either 50% of your salary or 100%

Sickness Insurance is more unusual but if you travel the world you might want to think about not being able to work because of illness. Our cover options are the same as for Accident Insurance.

If someone depends on you, you probably need life insurance.

Our covers include off the boat, no matter the reason why. Not all Insurance Policies are the same, the only way to find out of yours does is to check.

Our Policies can give full cover for the US. As with being on or off the boat, all Policies are not the same, check yours.

If you need Insurance on the boat, ask yourself why you wouldn’t need it off the boat.

We make sure we have a close relationship with the claims department of our Insurers. We do this to make sure our client’s claims are dealt with as quickly as we would want our own claims dealt with.

As short a time as possible is the first answer. However this can mean different things to different Insurers, which is why we always keep an eye on progress.

Most of our policies, as they are International, are ’ pay as you go’ policies, which means that if you visit the doctor or dentist you would pay for the service and then request reimbursement. If you are admitted to hospital then the insurer will most likely pay the hospital directly.

Most reimbursements will generally be issued within 14 days, this is assuming that you have completed the claims form correctly and submitted the required invoice and proof of payment.


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